Péter Nikléczy

Nikléczy Péter


  • speech specialized technician


E-mail: nikleczy.peter[@]nytud.mta.hu


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Main research areas

  • speaker identification
  • speaker specific speech characteristics

Positions, education

  • since 1975: Kempelen Farkas Speech Reseearch Laboratory, Research Institute for Linguistics
  • 1965–1975: Research Institute for Telecommunication
  • 1964: graduated electric technician (Landler Jenő Híradástechnikai Technikum)

Developments, tasks

  • 2008–2012: tuition and training of experts in forensic phonetics
  • 2008: development of methodology for speaker identification in forensic phonetics
  • 2007: participation in development of BEA, the large Hungarian spontaneous speech data base
  • 2003–2006: head of the archiving process of the Hegedűs Archive (recorded spontaneous speech samples from the 1940s and 1950s)
  • 2004: development of Memorials of Hungarian Linguists
  • 2004: participation in the development of (Hungarian and English) audio-visual CD on Wolfgang von Kempelen’’s life and work
  • 2002: participation in the development of the software entitled Basic Knowledge on Speech Technology
  • 2000: participation in the development of the exhibition entitled History of the Hungarian speech research
  • 2000: development of the replica of Kempelen’s Speaking Machine (1791) with Olaszy, Gábor
  • 1992: official expert of speaker identification in forensic phonetics (in practice)
  • 1985: participation in the common development of a speech synthesizer for Hungarian and Russian languages with BEAG
  • 1980–83: participation in the development of VOX 12, the first Hungarian-sepaking speech synthesizer

Papers in English

  • Nikléczy, Péter – Olaszy, Gábor 2004. Kempelen’s speaking machine from 1791: possibilities and limitations. (Recovering a 200 year-old technology). Grazer Linguistische Studien 62., 2004, 111–120.
  • Nikléczy Péter – Olaszy, Gábor 2003. A reconstruction of Kempelen’s speaking machine. In: Proc. of Eurospeech 2003. Vol. 2. Genf 2003, 894–897.