Speech Research 2020 [Beszédkutatás konferencia 2020]

Beszédkutatás – Speech Research, Hungary 2020

The Department of Phonetics of the Research Institute for Linguistics, Hungary (1068 Budapest, Benczúr u. 33.) cordially invites you to attend the Beszédkutatás – Speech Research conference. The date of the conference is 14-15th December 2020. The entire conference will be turned into a virtual one.

The zoom link for Friday (December 11th, 2020) for those who would like to try zoom conferencing before the conference:

Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 870 0089 7753
Passcode: 498988

We will be available between 2pm and 4 pm.

Conference program: https://fonetika.nytud.hu/konferenciaink/beszedkutatas-konferencia/beszedkutatas-speech-research-2020-program

Invited speakers:

  • Navracsics, Judit (University of Pannonia)
  • Honbolygó, Ferenc (TTK Brain Imaging Centre, ELTE PPK)
  • Mihajlik, Péter (BME TMIT)

The languages of the conference are English and Hungarian.

Talks will be 15 minutes long. Talks include all areas connected to speech research, for example:

  • articulatory, acoustic, perceptual studies;
  • realisations of phonological phenomena in speech;
  • prosody, syntax;
  • native language, second language acquisition, bi- or multilingualism;
  • discourse analysis;
  • sociophonetics;
  • speech disorders, speech pathology;
  • speech technology: speech recognition, speech synthesis;
  • forensic phonetics;
  • construction of speech databases.

Abstracts should contain between 400 and 500 words (one page maximum). The submission process will be administered through EasyChair. In case of acceptance, abstracts can be extended to two pages and an additional page for figures and references. Abstracts can be submitted via EasyChair under the following link:


Deadline of abstract submission: 25 August 2020. 31 August 2020.

Notification of acceptance: 22 September 2020.

Deadline for revised abstracts: 20 October 2020. Download the templates.

Start of registration: 20 25 October 2020.

Registration opens 20 October 2020. Click here for registration!

Date of conference: 14-15 December 2020.

Venue: Research Institute for Linguistics, 1068 Budapest, Benczúr utca 33., Hungary)

Website: fonetika.nytud.hu/beszedkutatas-konferencia

Registration fee: The conference is free, please, fill in the registration form above.