Beszédkutatás–Speech Research 2020: technical details

In order to react to potential technical problems accordingly
(e.g. temporary malfunction of the internet connection), the
sequence of talks within one session requires flexibility.
Speakers of a certain section are requested to be present from the
beginning of the section, ready to take over if the previous
speaker experiences difficulties with their internet connection.
For example, if talks are scheduled in the order A, B, C, D, but A
cannot start the presentation immediately, then B is asked to take
over, and A will be the next presenter if the connection is

If the problem concerns only showing or sharing the slides, and
the presenter has sent the slides to the organisers beforehand, the host (technical supporter) will start the presentation
according to the presenter’s instructions.

Please join the conference with deactivated cameras and
microphones. If you forget to do so, the host will mute your
microphone and stop video sharing. During talks, only the
microphones of the presenter and the chair should be unmuted, and
the camera of the presenter switched on.

3 minutes before the talks are over (altogether 30 minutes for
plenary talks and 15 minutes for regular presentations), chairs
will play a short ringtone, and a longer one when the presentation
time is over. If the presentation exceeds the time slot by 5
minutes originally reserved for discussion, screen sharing of the
host will be stopped and given to the next speaker. The chairs
cannot play sounds if their screen is not shared. Therefore we
suggest you download a shorter bell ring to signal the 3 minutes,
and a longer for 0 minutes from here:​ and to
play it from your phone.

The presenter can play sound if when clicking on screen sharing
you tick a little box on the left at the bottom (sharing computer

Questions can be signalised by raising your hand, i.e. by opening
the Participants menu and clicking either the “…” button or the
appropriate icon next to your name. Please lower your hand in the
same manner after asking your question. A further possibility to
signalise a question is to announce it via the chat window. Please
do not ask your actual question here, just tell the hosts that you
would like to contribute something.

All sessions will be supported by a host and a co-host. If you
experience technical problems, please contact them through the
chat function. If you have any problem that hinders you to contact
us via chat, let us know it via ​​.

This video introduces zoom from the very first steps, so if you
have never used it it might be usefeul:​.